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You are seen, heard, and encouraged to live authentically

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The Vortal

The Vortal

A Vortex where seekers find inspiration and support to step into their Portal of  Spiritual Evolution

















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Why Others Are Excited About  The Vortal

Hear from six unique individuals who have taken classes, courses, and even color training over the years.



I am so grateful I discovered the many resources that are now included in the Vortal.  No matter how I felt, in this supportive community I experienced connection and acceptance.
Jeanne Bartlemay

Benefit B


The idea of a membership portal (the Vortal) appeals to me. I’ll set a reminder to check in frequently, catch up on messages, stay in touch with the Transformational Tools community, and calm myself from the intensity of modern life. Count me in! 
Peter Morton

Benefit C


 Class after class I learned simple useful tools to help.  I even found my “newest” soul’s purpose, Qigong!!!  It is an amazing experience to heal and grow with the community here at T.T.     

Stacey M Cozza